• Investment in people - We focus on employing the best people for the job and ensuring that they enjoy excellent career and advancement opportunities.
  • Innovation - By combining proven technical expertise with the best in modern technology, Martin & East consistently achieves the best possible levels of excellence and productivity.
  • Customer focus - Our understanding of the challenges facing our clients allows us to undertake projects in a way that benefits all parties. In addition, a genuine desire to delight our clients with service excellence is at the heart of the many long-term customer relationships we enjoy. Zebra is always guided by the mantra "A pleasure to work with and a pleasure to work for"
  • Integrity, honesty, and pride in our work - The promotion of honest and open interaction and a deep sense of pride in what we do ensures that every Martin & East employee is committed to delivering excellent work.
  • Safety & Environmental Awareness - The health and safety of our employees and contractors is a priority to us; as is the health and preservation of our environment.