Services & Solutions

At Zebra, we recognise that the most effective way to deliver consistently superior results is to combine the right people with the best technology. That’s the reason we plough so much time, energy and funding into staying at the forefront of international technological and operational developments around the design, production and paving of asphalt.

The following core competencies and services are offered by Zebra.

  • Municipal Roads

    Zebra is well established as a supplier of road maintenance solutions to urban and rural municipalities in the Western and Southern Cape

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  • National Roads

    We have undertaken a number of paving contracts on National Routes under the auspices of the SA National Roads Agency.

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  • Airports

    Our long-term contract with the Airports company of South Africa sees us maintaining the runways, taxiways and aprons at Cape Town International Airport.

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  • MicroPave (ZM12)

    Designed to improve the ride quality and the safety of roads for road users, micropave is a proprietary product developed as an alternative to conventional asphalt overlays.

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  • Friction Pave (ZFP)

    An ultra-thin asphalt friction course designed for use as a functional layer on new or structurally sound pavements.

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  • Chip and Spray

    We have vast experience in the application of chip and spray and slurry seals, using motorised chip spreaders.

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  • Asphalt Paving

    This is our core activity and we offer the service across a full range of specifications - from parking areas to airport runways.

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  • Cold In-situ Recycling

    For base course and sub-base layers - Zebra has extensive experience in this field.

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  • Patching and Crack Sealing

    Zebra offers a full range of patching and crack sealing applications, using either hot or cold application methods.

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  • Milling

    Zebra has significant bulk road milling capacity. Milling can be performed to a depth of 300mm in a single pass on asphalt, cemented layers and concrete.

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